FAQs - Help & How To / Can I email you a picture?

As a general rule, we do not process orders via email.  The reasons are as follows:

  1. Email programs tend to compress files = POOR PRINT QUALITY.  Email was never really meant to transfer print quality image files, it was meant to communicate words.  As such, most email programs will by default, shrink or compress your attached image files to make them easier to send in one quick email.  This is fine for on screen viewing but horrible for printing.
  2. It is possible to send non-printable file formats thru email. These formats include PDFs, word documents, and PNG files to name a few.  None of these file formats are compatible with a photographic printer, all must be converted in order to allow for printing. This can involve unexpected file conversion charges on your bill or an order that is not printed.
  3. Email is UNRELIABLE. In a busy environment such as ours, emails are easy to miss, easily filtered into junk mail or just not received due to typos.
  4. Email is TEDIOUS on our end.  This involves more time to process an order and is why all email orders are subject to a $5 surcharge in addition to regular printing/processing charges.

To simplify things, just use our web-based ordering platform at www.photoprinter.lifepics.com.  It takes care of all the issues mentioned above, gives you way more options with your orders (sizes and products) and allows you the convenience of receiving a simple email telling you when your prints are ready for pick-up.

More questions?  As always, please drop us a line through our contact form.

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