FAQs - Help & How To / How do I use your online ordering platform?

We do get this question from time to time.  As we do not administer the actual web-based software that powers the platform, it is very difficult for us to provide direct help to you.  However, the company that powers the site – Lifepics – has dedicated help at this link: http://photoprinter.lifepics.com/Help/.

Before trying this help link, we do suggest checking the following:

  • Ensure your browser software is up to date – out of date software is one of the most common reasons things don’t work
  • Also make sure your operating system is up to date.  This makes sure all necessary security features are working properly.
  • Sometimes cached (stored) information in your browser is bad and prevents things from working correctly – just reset your browser or clear your cache
  • Sometimes simply closing the browser down and restarting it can work.
  • Sometimes an alternate browser software works better when one won’t work – as reference in store we use Chrome on both our PC and our Mac computers and it works fine.  Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari also work well.

We’ve also created a new youtube channel for D&R Photo that we will be posting tutorial videos on.  Here’s the Printing Online video to help you get started:



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