Passport Photos in Vancouver

passport photos in vancouver
The price for two ID photographs is $10.71 plus tax ($12 including tax) per person.  

Higher quantities of photos are available.
Price is dependent on the total number of photos per person.

Find us at 6530 Fraser Street – SE Corner of 49th & Fraser next to Starbucks

Trust the Experts for Passport Photos in Vancouver

D&R Photo is able to take adult, child and newborn photographs for Canadian passports.  Photographs are by drop-in only, no appointment necessary.  We are an all-digital lab (no film negatives) and are able to provide you with prints or formatted digital images.

Typical wait time for photographs is 5-10 minutes from start to finish.  We are next to a couple fantastic coffee shops and a bakery in case you need help passing the time.  Please arrive 15 minutes before close to ensure that your photographs will be printed that day.

  • We take photographs for the following Canadian / British Columbian documents:

  • Pictures for International ID Photographs

    We also take ID photographs for several international documents such as:

    • International Passports (various countries)
    • India OCI, PIO & Visa
    • US Visa (both digital for online application & prints)
    • US Passport
    • International travel visas for various countries
    • Power of attorney overseas


    When taking international documentation photos, you may be asked to provide documentation specifying the sizing requirements and number of the photos required.  It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information to D&R Photo.  We do provide free internet access to allow our customers to lookup this information online, but we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of these photos without hardcopy (printed) documents provided by the customer.

  • Digital ID Photos

    D&R Photo can also provide a digital copy of your ID photo.  Charges are similar to prints – $10.71 plus tax per person for formatted digitals on a CD**.  If you require both digitals and prints, the fee is $15.99 plus tax for a set of two formatted prints and your formatted digitals on a CD.

  •  Quick Guidelines for Adult ID Photos (click here to read the Canadian Passport photo requirements)
    • Wear dark clothing (your body must be in contrast to the white background, light clothing is likely to be rejected)
    • Head coverings are allowed for religious reasons only (but must be dark as described above)
    • Glasses may be worn but must be free of glare and they must allow a clear view of the eyeball through the frames. If we feel that we cannot meet the guidelines of Passport Canada, we will ask you to remove your glasses for your photo.  This does not affect the acceptance of your photo, nor does it hamper your ability to travel.
    • Hair should be behind your shoulders and should allow for a view of your ears.  If not, you may be asked to adjust your hair
    • Solid colour shirts are the best.  Collars are normally not necessary nor are ties.  Due to hygiene reasons, D&R Photo does not provide clothing for customers.  You should come dressed ready for your photograph.
    • Earrings are normally acceptable in most photos as long as they are small and not too dangly or reflective.
    • We do not have changing facilities, come dressed ready for your photograph.

  • Quick Guidelines for Children’s ID Photos (click here to read the Canadian Passport photo requirements for children)
    • Children must be dressed in dark clothing (to provide contrast to the background)
    • Children must be wide awake with eyes open
    • Try to find a time of day when your baby will be awake and happy – we cannot take a passport photo of a crying baby or child, this will not be accepted
    • Photos cannot be taken in car seats or on parent’s laps – we will show you how we need you to hold your baby for the photo